Evgeniya (31),
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"My dream man: Secure, decent, established, thoughtful, good-hearted, with a good sense of humor. Self-made guy. Good-looking and sporty.
Without troubles with alcohol. "
Evgeniya stellt sich vor:
Alter / Familienstand: 31 (Stier) / noch verheiratet
Kinder: ein Kind: Tochter (2, lebt bei mir); Ich habe noch nicht über (weitere) Kinder entschieden
Wohnort: Moscow, Großraum Moskau [Karte] (Russland)
Nationalität: Russin
Aussehen: 173 cm / 58 kg; Augen grün-grau, Haare braun
Körperschmuck: Keiner
"Hello, my unrequited love…
I was born and live in Moscow. There are so many people in this city, but I never met a right guy like you among them. I've been told that it’s not real to see you nowadays. But somewhere now could be “we”.
I won’t tell how cool am I, better listen to how good we can be together.
You’re curious, full of life man, that’s why you love to try and learn new things and to discover new places and countries. You love music (lets jazz? =) and to dance barefoot with me on a beach. We discuss books read and films watched. We love outdoor activities no matter what season is outside. I’m leaving you notes in fridge like “darling, eat this tasty pie with coffee” :-), and you bring to me my favorite flowers. We love pets (and maybe you “liking” cats in Facebook? =) and children.
But "a real woman must be mischievous and erratic", -said Dior, you know? And you're not jealous of my wish to spend time with my hobby or some sudden small ventures… ;-)
In time "before you" its like learning I've been married to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. % Everything went wrong. Well, I have a little daughter and she’s the most important thing in the world to me. And I have an experience and understanding what I really need. I need a man, who’ll be my fortress, my rock.
And now I'm not going to change you, because I love you the way you are. I finally found some strong, established guy. A doer, not windbag. You’re caring and attentive. No matter how bad life gets, holden always makes me laugh. You make me feel a woman with you, I make you feel a man. We support eachother in dreams. And maybe you don’t put sugar in tea like I do? ;-)

What if it wasn't all in my head? So hi and lets sky diving :-)

Sometimes you find yourself trying to let go of something
But it's like, you have been swimming on the ocean for a very very long time
And you feel like you belong there
You are one with the waves
The warmth of the water
And your body moves in sync with the ocean
And you swim around just trying to stay afloat
Then you get tired and you start to drown
And you swim back to land When you get there you just feel so heavy because you lost touch with gravity for so long
And you collapse on the beach as you try to find balance again
And then your feet finds gravity
You stand up and you look at the horizon one last time
And you just know that no matter how beautiful the sea was
And how good it made you feel It was never yours to keep
And somedays you'll miss it, you know
And you feel yourself moving with the waves and you dream of diving in
Then you realize your feet was meant for land
And not cut out for the ocean
Maybe you're meant to climb trees, or hike hills, or just run really fast Letting go is not easy
There's nothing quite like swimming in the ocean
Just like how it's natural for your feet to find gravity
It's natural for you to let go
And find your true purpose in life again
The sea is the sea
And you are just you
I have to let go But sometimes I find myself waking up at the beach again

P. S. Sorry for my bad english :"
Rauche ich?
Ja Selten Nie
Trinke ich Alkohol?
zu Hause
Kochen / Backen
trifft nicht zu trifft zu
Extraversion / Geselligkeit: Gesamt:
Ich bin eher zurückhaltend und ruhig.
In Gesellschaft bin ich lustig und lache viel.
Ich mag es auf einer Party im Mittelpunkt zu stehen.
Ich bin auch sehr gerne allein.
Emotionale Stabilität / Gelassenheit: Gesamt:
Ich bin sehr sensibel und verletzlich.
Ich bin manchmal launisch.
Meine Freunde sagen, dass ich eine selbstbewusste Frau bin.
Ich bin so schnell durch nichts aus der Fassung zu bringen.
Gewissenhaftigkeit / Selbstkontrolle: Gesamt:
Ich bin ein eher chaotischer Mensch.
Am liebsten lebe ich in den Tag hinein und plane nichts.
Ich bin zielstrebig und gebe nicht so schnell auf, wenn ich mir etwas vorgenommen habe.
Ich bin ein sehr ordentlicher Mensch.
Gutmütigkeit / Verträglichkeit: Gesamt:
Neuen Menschen gegenüber bin ich zunächst misstrauisch.
Ich bin sehr hilfsbereit und sorge mich um andere Menschen.
Mit manchen Menschen komme ich einfach nicht klar.
Ich glaube an das Gute im Menschen.
Offenheit für Erfahrungen: Gesamt:
Ich bin originell und habe oft neue Ideen.
Neuem gegenüber bin ich eher vorsichtig.
Ich interessiere mich sehr für Kunst, Musik und Kultur.
Traditionen und alte Werte sind mir sehr wichtig.
Was macht meinen Traummann aus?
"Secure, decent, established, thoughtful, good-hearted, with a good sense of humor. Self-made guy. Good-looking and sporty.
Without troubles with alcohol. And I don't like a smell of cigarettes. Maybe good tobacco."
Mein Idealmann:
Alter: 36-50 Jahre
Größe: mindestens 180 cm
Eigenschaften: humorvoll, aktiv, nicht geizig, rücksichtsvoll, intelligent, zuverlässig
Darf mein Partner Kinder haben? Ja
Religion meines Partners: egal
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