Irina (33),

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Alter / Familienstand: 33 (Skorpion) / ledig
Kinder: Keine; Ich habe noch nicht über (weitere) Kinder entschieden
Wohnort: Großraum Riga [Karte] (Lettland)
Nationalität: Russin
Aussehen: 177 cm / 56 kg; Augen blau, Haare blond natur
Körperschmuck: Keiner
Über mich:
"One of my best character features is that I am very flexible and adjustable. I can be different and feel good at the same time. I am a romantic woman but also I am very practical. Two different things can be combined in me. And I am 100% natural! I am very positive person and do not like to put pressure on people around me."
Rauche ich?
Ja Selten Nie
Trinke ich Alkohol?
zu Hause
Kochen / Backen
Was macht meinen Traummann aus?
"One who respects me, able to listen and hear. Good taste. Encouraging and interested in new things, so life is always brings some new impressions. Decent and generous, gives flowers and making pleasant surprises. Don’t care about looks much as long as he is loving and caring."
Mein Idealmann:
Alter: 36-50 Jahre
Größe: 170-195 cm
Eigenschaften: aktiv, sensibel, romantisch
Darf mein Partner Kinder haben? Ja
Religion meines Partners: egal
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